Tanzanite and Pavé Diamonds White Gold Ring

This is a classic design ring for a large and beautiful oval Tanzanite.  All diamonds are set with handmade pavé and the straight baguettes with bid setting. Milgrain all around.

Full diamonds micro pavé solitaire

This is one of most beautiful rings I had ever set pavé. All around diamonds holding a very beautiful center stone. Wasn’t the most expensive but surely one of prettiest. Check the pictures:

Halo solitaire

One of the best ways to improve the look of your solitaire ring, is to add an accent diamonds halo around it. It makes any size center stone look twice as big. It brings more life to the ring! That was one of my last fabrication jobs, a simple plain shank with a halo setting solitaire. I think came out very nice! Check the pictures:

Roman coins

This is a job that I really enjoyed do it. The idea was to use and old diamonds and gold necklace, to make a frame earrings for her Roman coins that my customer bought in Romania. I like the idea of working with an real piece of history, approximately 2000 years old. An odd shape that come out with a very organic look.

So that was the result:

Amethyst and diamonds gold pendent

That was a limited budget and simple project for a birthday gift. My customer didn’t know exactly what design to do, but she knew that she wanted an pear shape Amethyst pendent. So based on that, I decide to do an open illusion setting with three little prongs. When you look the pendent, face forward, you have the illusion the setting is open on the bottom part. To make a simple design richer I just added accent diamonds in pavé setting on the sides and bail. I think came out nice, check it out:


Wax carving

One part of manufacturing is to make model in wax, which will be master pieces and them rubber molds. The process is pretty simple but it’s very labored. Here are some hand made waxes for a customer’s ocean line. A shark pendent, palm trees pendent and clown fish earrings.

It’s a lot of fun, and a little crazy to work in miniatures like that. Take a look: